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Ladders, Inc. is a United States-based company providing career news, advice, and tools and an online job search service. It launched listing only vetted job offers with annual salaries of $100,000 or more.


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elizabeth hessel says

"This site's information has become pointless. Articles are immature and listed positions outdated or non-existent. The past two years it has really down graded."

A.Louis says

"I HAVE SEEN IT ALL...Ladders used past news articles I have read to then make a custom email subject, that they knew I would do a double take, very creepy and inappropriate. Especially that Ladders used Covid-19/Coronavirus click bait articles. What does this have to do with looking for the jobs I have been interested in. What happened to the more appropriate job subject lines. And this was not a Covid-19 and the effects on the workplace/employment article. I wish I had the space to demonstrate how this subject line was focused to myself based on recent research. Very low brow and unprofessional, I think we are all due an apology if this is the Ladders' tactics."

DL says

"I got 3 calls on my resume all for positions that started out at $75k. This wasted my time and the companies time because this site had 1 job listed at 150-200k and the other 2 at 100-150k. Thank god I didnt pay for the membership."

Heather says

"I am a remote employee who is only seeking remote positions. TheLadders allows candidates to add their zip code and then sends them jobs listings based on that location. This is not helpful at all in terms of looking for a remote position. It's 2020, every job site in the world should have options for Remote Only."

alvaro meza says

"I signed up for this website and after using it for two months did not get much value for the member ship value so I cancelled my premium services. A few days ago even after I cancelled my account pay pal sent me an email that the Ladders has charged me $60 for another three month subscription. I disputed the charges and contacted their customer service but nothing. Avoid using this site at all cost it is spam."

Richard Ellis says

"Absolutely the biggest rip off. I never once got a ping from this site as a paying customer. I tried to cancel and they messed with me for three months. I complained via my cc company and cancelled my card just so I wouldn’t pay their idiotic fees. Ironically, I got a an offer via LinkedIn - non paid - the same day I cancelled paying 197k with bonus option. DON’T UTILIZE!!"

TAM says

"Terrible site. You are pressured to buy their premium services. If you sign up for the free service, you don't get much but a lot of emails! Saw a job I was interested in, clicked the link and could NOT apply for it! The site took me to the premium membership page. NOT good! use LInkedIn or for real value"

Elyas Mehraein says

"it explode me by spammmm"

Rhonda Foutch says

"do not sign up for ladders, you will recieve daily advertising from ladders and you can ask to un- subscribe, they will say you are unsubscribed but you will still get daily advertising."

Kiel Corwin says

"Listings were incorrect and deceptive. Got spammed with not only job postings, but a good amount of other unrelated email spam that they would not unsubscribe me from after months of trying and finally had to email them. If you are looking for a job in this pay range this is a total joke"

Tim Westhoff says

"In a nutshell, the site sucks. Its technology is poor from the user perspective; they want money to do anything; their even modicum of updates and improvements is non-existent; their support email link doesn't work; it won't allow you to delete your own profile or edit it completely. There is nothing redeeming about this site that I would recommend to any job hunter."

George Chacko says

"Not worth the subscription. The job categories are too broad and recommended jobs were irrelevant."

K says

"Went to unsubscribe from their stupid emails and it sent me a link to a paid subscription for 9.99+ a month"

Sam Ledger says

"I am getting bombarded daily by Ladder with emails. I click on the unsubscribe and the only way I can unsubscribe is if I sign up. This is total BS. I am getting up to 5 emails/day when they are a scam and I do not even have an account, I plan to find additional places to post, about what they are doing."

Ayanna B says

"Completely useless. All the “advice” could be found elsewhere. No jobs that fit my profile, ever. A waste of money."

Gayle Allard says

"Ladders is a scam, DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING!!! The salaries they are posting are literally twice what the actual pay range is for each role. Check Glassdoor, their estimated salaries are much closer to the actual pay range and are usually a little on the low side. The information on Glassdoor is accurate and FREE!"

Mollie says

"The Ladders is the absolute worst. I have hated the service in recent years and have tried to step away from them... but you can't. They are the equivalent to a cling stalker ex-boyfriend. I have tried to unsubscribe form emails... still LOTS of emails. I have deleted my account... LOTS of Emails still. I have tried to track down multiple customer support options to be removed from being contacted... To no avail. Now their Facebook messenger sends me messages frequently and I have had to block them there as well. Complete scam, awful service, outdated candidates. No positive outlook for them. They will be out of service soon."

Anita says

"A joke of a site. $30/month for what? An inbox full of emails? No contact with a real person-- starting to think Ladders just holds resume in some random server somewhere in NovaScotia. Lower your monthly fees, allow networking and do a trial period for crying out loud."

Renita James says

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Steven Collins says

"I have been using their services for quit some time now and for me the quality of the product is average. There are better career services out there." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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